Is a “If you build it, they will Come” a responsible approach to a grotesque sprawl plan that could bankrupt Springwater Township?

March 21, 2014

Mayor Linda Collins appears a very sincere and nice individual.

Linda Collins Springwater Township 1

But that fact does not prevent her from likely being naively reckless in her legal duties. 

To suggest that a “if you build it they will come” is a responsible way for a Chief Magistrate to fulfill her fiduciary duties as the executive of the Corporation of the Township of Springwater as she does in yesterday’s national Global TV news coverage is, frankly, embarrassing

Mayor Collins seems to be unwavering in her faith. It seem odd, though, that the sprawl developers are acting in such a high risk, desperate way recently:

  1. an open revolt at township Council against the development-friendly 2014 operating and capital budget,
  2. a new newsletter mailed out on March 20, 2014,
  3. another public meeting on March 25th at the Simcoe County Museum (see below), and
  4. now the Midhurst Ratepayers’ report:

We have recently learned that the developers are now taking our local municipal governments to the Ontario Municipal Board to force them to re-zone all of the targeted farmland into residential space. This is well before the proper environmental studies have been completed! We feel that this is a push to rush the destruction of prime farmland and is unnecessary. That means more than ever we need to send a message that citizens will not tolerate such an abuse of process.

But who will pay for the Mayor’s folly: (A) her, (B) the developers or (C) all current and future township taxpayers?

Midhurst Community Info Meeting 2Please sign the Margaret Atwood petition.

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Budget 2014 Fallout: What’s the deal with the email(s) between Deputy Mayor Dan McLean and Mr. Scott McLean on February 18, 2014?

March 13, 2014

And why is important that official correspondence retention be actually and perceived to be dealt with in a non-biased, consistent,  and based on the rule of law.

Dan McLean Scott McLean Record

Above is a Notice of Motion by Councillors Jack Hanna and Sandy McConkey that has been filed here [pdf] for next Monday’s General Council meeting. It says in part:

That the email from Scott McLean dated February-18-14 9:42 AM that further disseminated an email by Daniel McLean via spitfireboone@<<<>>>>.com, dated February-
14-14 5:04 PM soliciting written support for the 2014 budget, be included verbatim as correspondence received in the Township of Springwater Council Agenda.

There was some informal, non-minuted talk in previous meetings during at the special budget meeting on February 25th (see: Dignity and honesty were self-evident at Springwater Township last night.), evaluation process that an email was recorded as official correspondence (ie. retained) and then amended or dropped entirely, I’m not sure.

There were 5 or 6 pieces of correspondence about the budget that were recorded officially: both in favour and opposed to the Springwater Township 2014 Budget. One noteworthy one was on Currie Truck Centre letterhead and was helpfully photocopied by township staff so everyone attending the budget meeting could have their own hard copy.

This is why it’s important to attend these meetings, people! You learn so much, but you have to be there (as I am)

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