Midhurst timeline & 1942 map

1. Midhurst: Almost 200 years of European history.

Chick here to take a look (will open in new window).

A pictorial history of Midhurst, ON

2. Midhurst handdrawn map, 1942

Click mouse on map to open it in a new window. Double click to enlarge.



Contact Les Stewart les.j.stewart@gmail.com or 705 737-4635 with corrections or suggestions.


midhurst wrtiten right sideF

4 Responses to Midhurst timeline & 1942 map

  1. Jai Mills says:

    HI Les:
    I just stumbled on this. You have a great site here. I have really enjoyed gong through it. Please say \Hi\ to Marian for me.
    Thanks and take care,
    Jai Mills


    • Les Stewart says:


      I most certainly will. She and Ed are still in London. I hope you can take a look at midhurstschooldays.ca if you have a minute. Any help with names or any class photos we’re missing, I’d love to get a scan or hard copy of and return.

      All the best, Les Stewart


  2. Jai Mills says:

    Hi Les:
    I will take a look at the pictures. You have quite a collection there! I don’t have any school photos, but will check with my father. I would love to hear from Marian and Ed if ou would pass my email along.


  3. spencer says:

    i’ve been writing the midhurst wikipedia page and this site has been very helpful. thanks


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