I wonder where the Hunter Russell trail sign at Finlay Mill Road is?

June 28, 2016

Lots of new signs all over Springwater Township.

Sign H Russell Trail

A shame if the old is discarded.

Hunter Russell

A little background on Hunter Russell.

Fifty-six (56) Midhurst residents fought in WWI and WWII.

April 10, 2012

I don’t recall any of them mentioning that they fought to preserve the right of citizens or corporations to contract freely.

From the ones I knew, they went for community, adventure and duty: about freedom from tyranny.

Vimy Memorial, Honour plaster, 95 years

War Veterans of Midhurst

  • Methven Adamson
  • Winfield Andross
  • Ernie Bowdery
  • Harold Bowen
  • Dick Brown
  • Wellington A. Cameron
  • Donald Coutts
  • Forbes A. Coutts
  • Maurice Coutts
  • Vearl Coutts
  • Wallace M. Coutts D.D.S.
  • William Davies
  • Charlie Day, both
  • Harry Doran
  • Jack Doran
  • Reginald Dunn
  • Ernest Finlay “killed in action”
  • Harold Finlay
  • Frank Frankcom
  • Walt “Halbert” Franklin
  • Finlay Galbraith
  • Walter Garbett
  • Cecil Garvin
  • Douglas Goodhand
  • Herb Griffin
  • Doris Mason
  • Archie McGinnis
  • Jim McGinnis
  • Arthur McGuire
  • Arthur McKee
  • George Monteith
  • Jack Monteith
  • Dan Nash
  • Darcy O’Reilly
  • Robert Orok M.D.
  • William Orok
  • Bruce Peacock
  • Robert Peacock, both
  • Jim Pierce
  • Leo Polgrain
  • Cliffe Poole
  • Everett Rugman
  • Norman Schandlen
  • Albert Shaughnessy
  • Douglas Shaughnessy
  • Ernie Shaughnessy
  • Martin Shaughnessy
  • Peter Shaughnessy
  • Caroline Smith
  • James Smith
  • Albridge Spence
  • Harold Spence
  • Betty Stewart
  • Gordon Stewart
  • Adrian Wallwin
  • Alfred Wallwin
  • James Ward
  • Walter Ward D.D.S.
  • Charles Wattie D.F.C.
  • Melville Wattie

The Midhurst Historical Society made a conscious decision to include veterans who had moved to Midhurst since the wars.

The members of the Midhurst Historical Society for the book were: Everett Coutts, George Coutts, Wallace Coutts, D.D.S., Carol Doran, Mae Doran, Marie Frankcom, Evelyn Grey, Verner Lambert, Isabel Nash, Marion Orser, Margaret Peacock, Hunter Russell, Lynn Russell, Anne Spence, Lloyd Spence, and Marjorie Spence.

Pioneer History of Midhurst, Midhurst Historical Society, p. 62.

The Midhurst Historical Society, circa 1972-75

December 29, 2011

Committee Members – L to R Back Row: – Lloyd Spence, Marjorie Spence, Evelyn Gray, Carl Doran, Margaret Peacock, Mae Doran, Everett Coutts, Marie Frankcom, Vener Lambert, Isabel Nash, Marian Orser, Ann Spence, Front Row: – Dr. W. Coutts, Editor, Hunter Russell, Chairman. Absentees-Lynn Russell, George Coutts.


Preface to Second Edition of Midhurst

The Midhurst Historical Society had a meeting at the home of Hunter Russell on Dec. 18, 1972. After a discussion it was revealed that the first edition of Midhurst was sold out and there was a demand for more. The Society decided that by this time much more could be added by taking a wider scope and writing an informative history of many of the tasks our pioneer settlers had and show what hard times they went through, with the little they had to work with. …

 — Pioneer History of Midhurst, The Midhurst Historical Society, 1975, p. 3.

Hunter Russell

December 11, 2011

I wonder what Mr. Russell would think of this Midhurst Secondary Plan?

Hunter Russell

H. D. Russell, son of James Russell and Sarah Craig, has lived on the 3rd line of Vespra all his life. Hunter is a farmer at heart but his interests are many. In farming he was one of the first promoters of Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture and served as President. Hunter worked with Stewart L. Page on agricultural experiments, as example, using plots of ground with sulphur to prevent potato scabs. He was involved in other experiments to improve grain seed. Farm implements were also improved often on his suggestions.

We’ll be hearing more about Hunter Russell.

Pioneer History of Midhurst, The Midhurst Historical Society, 1975, p. 112

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